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GYPSY PISTOLEROS Release Debut single for Off Yer Rocka, the title track from forthcoming album 'The Mescalito Vampires' on June 7th, NOW !

Get ready for all hell to break loose on June 7th as the GYPSY PISTOLEROS unleash their debut single for Heavy Rocka Recordings !!!Just when you thought it was safe to go out? The Swashbuckling Renegade Flamenco Rock Rumba Punk n Roll pioneers Gypsy Pistoleros release the title track from the forthcoming album 

'The Mescalto Vampires (Welcome to the Hotel de la Muerta)'  see's the classic 'Eagles' song 'Hotel California' reinvented and rewritten in a rumba flamenco punk n roll fashion. The story of a Seductive Vampiric Countess in a rip roaring romp that oozes marachi punk gunslinger vibes on a wild & crazed ride! Viva la revolution!'

The Mescalto Vampires (Welcome to the Hotel de la Muerta)' single is out 7th June,  NOW.

Described as the Album they always promised to make, the forthcoming album release see’s GYPSY PISTOLEROS fully embracing their fiery flamenco/rumba passion & crossover punk Rock n Roll leanings!  Latin Rock's Appetite for Destruction, ‘The Mescalito Vampires’ on Heavy Rocka is out August 14th


" This is actually a reworked and rewritten version of the Eagles ‘Hotel California’ and is quite simply a stroke of genius, I mean, anyone can do a cover version but this is far more than that, although the roots are still visible the rest of the hair has been coloured ‘Pistolero’." - Martin Granville (Jace Media)

A full comic featuring GYPSY PISTOLEROS 'The Devil's Done Deal!' will be released alongside the album. From reknown artist Paul Roper -Demon King Entertainment. "Deputised by the Devil himself the Gypsy Pistoleros must hunt down 999 demonic souls to earn their freedom from the curse. The Devil's fine print says for every soul collected should an innocent die 3 more are added to the list! Time to settle the bill!"

Gypsy Pistoleros are best described as being the ideal house band for the fictitious Titty Twister bar of Rodriguez’s From Dusk till Dawn. Between the nods to Morricone’s tense, tumbleweed atmospheres and the Gypsy Kings’ manic Mediterranean energy, a New York Dolls raw glam spark and a surplus of prime G ’n’ R attitude, the Pistoleros‘ sonic style is captured to the full with the release of an album they have always threatened!  

Gypsy Pistoleros remain something truly unique and interesting in today’s predictable musical landscape. Combining their truly unique mix of flamenco rumba which gleefully collides with old school punk rock 'n' roll riffs in a head on collision. In the best rock 'n' roll tradition, with big hooks, attitude, and sleaze. Yet those flamenco breaks got into yourhead and refuse to leave - this hybrid rocks.  

 ”The Pistoleros are sheer musical escapism“ – Malcolm Dome Classic Rock Magazine

"Once in a while something special comes along and turns the musical world on its axis and makes you listen to music and lyrics in a totally different way. That something is Gypsy Pistoleros." WeBleedMusic

 “Gypsy Pistoleros are a thrill-a-minute collection of melodic eye-patch swagger that smells of exotic spicesand forbidden concubines. The Gypsy Pistoleros sound like Hanoi Rocks, if Hanoi Rocks were sultans andsnakecharmers.”  - Sleazegrinder-Classic Rock Magazine

"Gypsy Pistoleros were, and still are, abreath of fresh air. You will never hear another band like this. They are the greatest flamenco sleaze glam band ever.” This, actually, is as good as sleaze ever got in the last decade.  "  - Maximum Volume Music -Andrew Thorley

"Gypsy Pistoleros dub themselves “The World’s Greatest Flamenco Sleaze Glam Rock ‘N’ Roll band Ever!” Doesit work? Are you fucking kidding me? When Kris Jones drops the mariachi trumpet, it’s on!  BEAVER BUZZ RADIO - Dave Wilks

"Can you imagine Sleaze, Glam, Hard Rock, Punk and some Flamenco rolled into one with a whole lot ofSpanish attitude oozing out it? Imagine no more - The Gypsy Pistoleros will give it all to you, and you will love every minute of it and want to reach for a tequila shot".- ***** Michele Storm Hairspray Heaven

"GYPSY PISTOLEROS have been carving out a unique niche for themselves in the crazy world of rock n’ roll. From the New York Dolls to Guns N’ Roses via El Bronco the Gypsy Pistoleros have got a stunning TexMex thing going on. Gypsy Pistoleros are the undisputed kings of Flamenco Sleaze" on Heavy Rocka Records - Pulse Alternative Magazine

This mongrel offspring of fiery flamenco/rumba passion and gritty gutter glam, was born roamin' somewhere between Barcelona and Worcester. Standing alone in musical ancestry and sum sound, they are one of those most rare acts whocan honestly claim the tag 'unique' 


Third Single 'The Mescalto Vampires (Welcome to the Hotel de la Muerta)' (Digital) June 7th  NOW 

August 14th Full album 'The Mescalito Vampires' released on Moon coloured Vinyl & gatefold sleeve

(Vinyl/CD/Digital & fan bundles) 'The Mescalito Vampires' on Off Yer Rocka Recordings (Heavy Rocka)  On & Pre-sale NOW at - &

'The Mescalito Vampires' 

Lost in a Town called Nowhere  
Viva la Revolution, Viva Zapata  
 Mescalito Vampires (Welcome to the Hotel de la Muerta) 
Soho Daze, just another Friday Night  
Roses, Gallows and the Wild Preachers Daughter 
The Forsaken  
The name's Django  
Cisco Kid 
Gonna die with a Gun in my Hand  
Alone again or 

Gypsy Pistoleros line up is - 

Gypsy Lee Pistolero – Vox, bad rumba guitar 

Mark Westwood  (Shadowland, Clive Nolan, GLP) – Great Guitars 

Gaz Le Bass – Double Bass (The Delray Rockets) Jan Vincent Vellazco (Pendragon, Ghost, PIG) – Drums  

Kris Jones - Trumpet 

  ‘The Mescalito Vampires’ was recorded in Black Tree Recording Studios, Tardebigge, Worcestershire with guitarist Mark Westwood engineering & producing (The Beat, Dogs D’Amour, Chumbawamba, Arena, Hazel O’Connor, Dreadzone, etc)  


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The new single 'The Mescalto Vampires (Welcome to the Hotel de la Muerta)' DOWNLOAD on all Digital platforms OUT ON PRE-SAVE NOW ! 




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